Geek Squad Home Theater Agent

What does a Geek Squad Agent do?
Do all things technology fire you up? Can you swap a motherboard or hook up a home theater system blindfolded? Does the thought of installing an LCD in an SUV, and getting paid for it, make you salivate? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations, your dream career might be waiting for you at Geek Squad.
Geek Squad Agents travel to client's home to perform delivery and basic installation of home theater/satellite/multi-room audio and computer products, provide technical advice and assistance to clients. Installation ranges from basic audio/video connectivity to assisting other agents in fishing wires through walls for advanced home theater installations. Geek Squad Agents may ride with other agents for two-person installations but ride alone on simpler jobs. All installation and computer repair service must meet the highest standards set forth by the Geek Squad while assuring a professional and safe working environment. Agents are expected to ask lifestyle questions while in the home, suggesting additional products and services to enhance the client's experience. Agents must have strong customer service skills to act as a company representative in the client's home and to act as a consultant in the store.
70% of your time you will:
Consult with customer to ensure expectations match their needs/wants.
Travel via company vehicle to customer's home, performing basic delivery, setup, network and/or repair of consumer electronic products.
Consistently deliver on the promise of "Do it right, do it swiftly, and keep the customer informed."
30% of your time you will:
Maintain skills required to perform basic consumer electronic integration work.
Maintain skills required for specialization in computing.
Actively seek opportunities to increase and leverage skills.
What are the Professional Requirements of a Geek Squad Agent?
Basic Requirements:
High school diploma or equivalent
3 months experience in consumer electronics delivery, integration, network and/or repair
3 months job related experience with in-home customer contact
21 years of age or more
Current valid driver's license and a clear driving record
Lift or maneuver 75 lb. with or without reasonable accommodation and team lift up to 150 lb.
Preferred Requirements:
6 months retail experience
2 year associate degree or higher
Low-voltage license
Trade License
1 year professional trade experience

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